Preferred Name and Name Change at Ohio State

We recognize that for many LGBTQ+ individuals, the ability to use a preferred name is an important step on the journey toward self-discovery. Ohio State University encourages students to utilize this policy if they have a name that they prefer over their legal name. Below is information on Ohio State's preferred name policy. This page also covers how to update the University following a legal name and/or gender marker change. 

Preferred Name Policy

Students and employees can set a preferred name on For more information and steps to set a preferred name, visit

Where will my preferred first name be used?

  • Display Name
  • FindPeople
  • Ohio State App
  • University Email
  • Skype Address Book
  • Class rosters
  • Grade rosters
  • Carmen Canvas
  • Carmen Zoom
  • Advising reports & Advising portals for staff
  • BuckeyeLink display for both you and those looking at your record
  • Official university correspondence (mail and email)        
  • Web Applications using single sign on maybe display preferred names with in the applications, e.g. departmental SharePoint, Drupal, and WordPress.

Preferred Name on BuckID

Once you set your preferred name, you can also request a new BuckID with your preferred name free of cost. Your legal name will still appear on diplomas, transcripts, enrollment verifications, and degree verifications. For more information about this process, please see the Frequently Asked Questions for use of a preferred name on BuckID.


If you are an employee of the University (student employee, faculty, or staff), you can set your preferred name on Workday. For steps on how to do so, visit

Name and Gender Marker Change at Ohio State

After completing the legal name change process and/or gender marker change process, you can update your name and/or gender with The Ohio State University Registrar by submitting a Request for Change of Record online.

To update your legal name, select “Primary Name” from the “Change Request” dropdown menu and upload a copy of either the court order documenting your legal name change or a valid passport using your current legal name.

To update your legal gender marker, first complete a Declaration Gender Designation Form. Next, access the Request for a Change of Record form. Select “Gender” from the “Change Request” dropdown menu and upload a copy of your completed Declaration of Gender Designation Form.