Trans at Ohio State

Transgender communities have pioneered the fight for LGBTQ+ rights since the days of Stonewall and before. For individuals who are questioning their gender identity, exploring gender expression and more, finding community is vitally important. The Ohio State University strives to support students, staff and faculty of all genders by provding resources including trans-inclusive student housing, health care and insurance coverage, legal support, training and more.

Trans Resources at Ohio State

The following resources are avialable for transgender and gender non-conforming students, faculty and staff at The Ohio State University.

Gender-Inclusive Spaces

Transgender Health and Wellness

Find additional LGBTQ+ health and wellness resouces here

Involvement Opportunities

Find additional student and alumni involvement opportunities here.

Other Resources

External Resources

In addition to taking advantage of our list of Central Ohio LGBTQ+ programs and organizations, the following online resources are available for transgender individuals and allies: