Gender-Inclusive Restrooms

Gender inclusive restrooms are available throughout Ohio State’s Columbus campus. An interactive map of all Columbus campus facilities is available on the OSU app. Open the app, select More, and under the Campus section is Gender Inclusive Restrooms. To download the app, click here.

A list of gender inclusive restrooms on campus is available below. If you encounter any errors on this list, please email Ari Grubaugh.


  • ARC: 112T
  • Agricultural Admin: 036T, 042T
  • Animal Science Building: 145
  • Archer House: 19T, 21T
  • Arps Hall: 025T
  • Atwell Hall: 170T, 227B, 249T


  • Baker Hall: 090T
  • Baker Systems Engineering: 515T, 516T
  • Barrett House: S-32
  • Bevis Hall: 154T
  • Biomedical Research Tower: 021T, 023T, 121T, 123T, 155T
  • Blackburn House: 140T, 142T, 174T
  • Blackwell Inn: 230T
  • Blankenship Hall: 1010T, 1251T
  • Bowen House: 100T, 136T, 138T, 154T, 158T
  • Bradley Hall: 006T, 109E
  • Bricker Hall: 006T
  • Buckeye Field: 111T, 201T
  • Buckeye Village: 216T, 214T
  • Busch House: 110T, 112T, 120T, 154T, 156T


  • Canfield Hall: 113T
  • Central Services Building: 047T, 148T, 246T, 248T
  • Converse Hall: 355T
  • Cunz Hall: 126T
  • Curl Hall: 106T


  • Denney Hall: 168B, 443T
  • Drackett Tower: 001G, 001H, 004A, 004C, 122, 122T, 123T
  • Drake Performance Center: 132T, 134T, 1024T
  • Drinko Hall: 173T, 255T, 373T, 473T


  • Evans Hall: 223T, 231T


  • Fisher Hall: 201T
  • Fortuna Labs: 1003T, 2151T
  • Fry Hall: 030T, 032T, 128T, 130T, 330T, 429T, 529T, 629T


  • Goss Laboratory: 119T, 343C, 345B, 347C, 349B
  • Graves Hall: 4084T, 4166T, 5196T, B135T


  • Hale Hall: 109T, 319T
  • Halloran House: 013T
  • Hamilton Hall: 082T
  • Haverfield House: 013T
  • Houston House: 134T, 136T, 212T, 216T


  • Jones Tower: 032T, 070T, 148T


  • Kuhn Honors and Scholars House: 103T, 302T


  • Lincoln Tower: 1005T


  • MacQuigg Laboratory: 044T
  • Mack Hall: 138T
  • Mason Hall: 259T
  • Mathematics Building: 209T
  • Meiling Hall: 040T, 150T, 246T
  • Mershon Center: 209T


  • Newton Hall: 120T, 132T
  • North Rec Center: 139T, 339T
  • Norton House: S-032T
  • Nosker House: 107T, 121T, 122T, 131T, 132T


  • Ohio Union: 1036T, 1058T, 1090T, 2070T, 3058T
  • Oxley Hall: 115T, 215T, 315


  • Page Hall: 300T
  • Parks Hall: 110T, 224T
  • Paterson Hall: 062, 171T
  • Physical Activity and Education Services (PAES): A038T, A124T, A126T, A275T
  • Pomerene Hall: 143T
  • Prior Hall: 0035T, 140T, 142T, 280T
  • Psychology Building: 164T


  • Raney House: 142T
  • Residence on Tenth: 121T, 123T, 174T, 274T, 374T, 474T, 574T, 674T
  • RPAC: B15, B17, B21


  • Scott House: 054T, 131T, 161T, 163T, 208T, 252T, 254T
  • Scott Lab: N350T
  • Siebert Hall: 011T, 013T
  • Stillman Hall: 219T
  • Student Academic Services: 147T, 149T
  • Sullivant Hall: 371T


  • Taylor Tower: 122T, 123T
  • Thompson Library: 134T, 1121T, 1122T
  • Townshend Hall: 041T


  • University Hall: 259T


  • Weigel Hall: 175T, 176T
  • Wilce Student Health Center: 067T
  • William Hall Complex: 102T, 182T, 184T, 205
  • Wiseman Hall: 101D, 2012
  • Woody Hayes Athletic Center: 193T


  • Younkin Success Center: 110G