Finding a sense of belonging on campus is exciting, but can present challenges, too. The Ohio State University is committed to ensuring LGBTQ+ students are connected to resources that ensure they feel safe, heard and valued on campus.  

LGBTQ+ Spaces

Physical spaces play a significant role in ensuring every Buckeye feels secure on campus. Ohio State makes gender-inclusive housing available to both undergraduate students and graduate students living on campus.

In addition to providing inclusive housing, Ohio State ensures that gender inclusive restrooms are available throughout campus. You can find a list of gender-inclusive restrooms in on campus here.


Ohio State encourages its LGBTQ+ students to take advantage of hundreds of on- and off-campus opportunities to get involved. Student cohorts and organizations on campus provide safe spaces for Buckeyes to make friends and create memories that last a lifetime.

LGBTQ+ alumni can also get involved within the Ohio State community by joining the Scarlet and Gay LGBTQ Alumni Society, which sponsors a scholarship program, hosts events and collaborates with community organizations to promote education and awareness of LGBTQ issues.

Central Ohio Resources

Community resources based in Columbus, around Ohio and throughout the country provide additional support networks for LGBTQ+ students and allies. 


Everyone deserves the freedom to worship in an environment that is safe and supportive of their identities. Find an LGBTQ-affirming place of worship using the Lavender Listings. For more information, visit our Faith pages.