Sexual Health

Student Wellness Center

The Student Life Student Wellness Center offers services dedicated to sexual health, including free services available to all Ohio State students. Popular services include free HIV/STI Testing and the Condom Club.

Sex Education Guides

Preventing STIs and Pregnancy

Condoms and Barriers

  • Free Condom Project: Free condoms are available to be mailed directly, and discreetly, to the home or desired address of any person 16 or older living in the state of Ohio.

  • Condom Club: The Student Wellness Center runs the Condom Club, which is available to all Ohio State students. Members of the Condom Club can save money on condoms and other barrier methods. The menu of condoms and barriers features a variety of brands, textures, styles, and flavors. Options include external condoms (also called male condoms), internal condoms (also called female condoms), finger cots (also called finger condoms), and dental dams (also called oral dams). Each purchase comes with two free packets of lubricant each day. Join the Condom Club!

PrEP and PEP

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is a prevention method used by people who are HIV-negative and at high risk for being exposed to HIV through sexual contact or injection drug use. When someone is exposed to HIV through sex or injection drug use, these medicines can work to keep the virus from establishing an infection.

  • Free PrEP - PrEP is a once-daily pill for HIV-negative people that offers protection against HIV. PAPI, a new Ohio program, makes PrEP free for many Ohioans. If you are an Ohio resident, HIV negative, and make less than $62,450 annually, you are eligible for free PrEP.

Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) refers to the use of antiretroviral drugs for people who are HIV-negative after a single high-risk exposure to stop HIV infection. PEP must be started as soon as possible to be effective – always within 72 hours of a possible exposure – and continued for 4 weeks.

Birth Control, Emergency Contraception, and Abortion Services

Know your Rights

For an overview of reproductive rights, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services manages the resource Know Your Rights: Reproductive Health Care, which is regularly updated.

Options and Resources

Planned Parenthood is one of the nation’s leading providers of high-quality, affordable health care and the nation’s largest provider of sex education. The organization offers education on and services related to birth control, emergency contraception, and abortion services.

Women Have Options Ohio: provides financial assistance and practical support (transportation, housing, and more) to help patients afford contraception, emergency contraception, and abortion services.

All-Options: uses direct service and social change strategies to promote unconditional, judgment-free support for people in all of their decisions, feelings, and experiences with pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption.

  • All-Options Talkline: If you are pregnant and unsure how to feel or what to do next, call 1-888-493-0092.

Abortion Services

Abortions can be performed as a medical procedure and through medication. For information and assistance in seeking an abortion, you can visit the Abortion Finder website. For information on abortion in Ohio, visit the Abortion Finder site's page on Abortion in Ohio.

Plan C is a term that refers to an abortion that’s performed using medication. There is also a non-profit organization called Plan C which offers both in-person and telehealth services to obtain Plan C pills as well as tips on accessing these medications if you live in a state with more restrictive abortion laws. To learn more about options in Ohio, read about how to get abortion pill access by mail in Ohio.

Abortion Funds

STI Info and Testing

Student Wellness Center

Free HIV/STI testing in the Student Wellness Center is back! Testing will take place on a first come, first served basis. No appointments. Testing is typically offered 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. on Mondays and Fridays. For upcoming testing dates and locations, visit the SWC's page on HIV/STI Testing.

Ohio HIV/STI Hotline (OHIV)

OHIV privately and anonymously provides information about HIV, STIs, sexual health, and testing/health resources through a live hotline, online chat, and web-based resource listings. The Hotline is also a resource for people living with HIV, and acts as an information and referral service to Ohio residents. Visit their website to learn more and access the online chat system. Or call 1-800-332-2437.

  • Free At-Home HIV Tests - You can order an Oraquick HIV test kit and have it mailed directly to your home for free.

  • Community Resource Library - This page can be utilized as a resource library for relevant information regarding HIV and STI’s. All resources are free to distribute to the public.

Free and Low-Cost Testing Sites

  • Equitas Health: Offers testing for HIV, hepatitis-C, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. HIV/STI testing is currently operating at limited capacity (by appointment only and at a limited number of locations) due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but this is subject to change. Please visit the appointment scheduling page on their website for further information.

  • Columbus Public Health: Offers comprehensive sexual health services, including STI testing, diagnosis, treatment, PrEP, expedited partner therapy, and education. Learn more about the CPH's Sexual Health and Wellness Center, including a full list of services.

  • AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF): A global nonprofit organization that serves as the largest provider of HIV/AIDS medical care in the U.S. AHF funds its mission to rid the world of AIDS through a network of pharmacies, thrift stores, healthcare contracts, and other strategic partnerships, generating new, innovative ways of treatment, prevention and advocacy. AHF offers a database to search for local providers.

  • Out of the Closet (AIDS Healthcare Foundation): HIV/STI testing is currently operating at normal capacity (appointments strongly encouraged), but this is subject to change. Please visit Out of the Closet's website for further information.

  • Nationwide Children's: HIV/STI testing is open to the public, with no appointment needed. Please visit Nationwide Children's website for operating hours and further information.

  • Planned Parenthood: Offers myriad sexual health services, including HIV/STI prevention, testing, and treatment. Visit Planned Parenthood to learn more and access services.

Support Services - Sexual Violence

Sexual Misconduct Response and Prevention at Ohio State: provides assistance and support to individuals who report sexual misconduct, including on- and off-campus resources, services, and options.

Sexual Assault Response Network of Central Ohio (SARNCO)

  • 24-hour Crisis Helpline: 614-267-7020

    • Connects Ohioans to a trained advocate who will provide confidential emotional support, crisis response, as well as information and options for local resources.

  • SARNCO On-Campus Advocates: provides confidential support for survivors of sexual violence, including students, faculty, staff, and visitors of OSU’s Columbus campus.

    • Call 614-688-2518

    • Visit the on-campus office, located at 33. W. 11th Avenue, Room 202

Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organization (BRAVO): provides comprehensive individual and community programs for survivor advocacy and support to LGBTQI survivors of hate and bias violence, discrimination, intimate partner violence, stalking, and/or sexual assault.

Ohio Sexual Violence Hotline: provides advocacy and support for survivors of sexual violence across Ohio.

  • Call 844-OHIO-HELP (844-644-6435)

RAINN National Sexual Assault Hotline: offers confidential support services to survivors of sexual violence.

  • Call 800-656-HOPE (800-656-4673)

  • Access their online chat service.