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Health Care Providers at Ohio State

Student Health Services

 The Wilce Student Health Center at The Ohio State University is a Joint Commission accredited outpatient facility providing a variety of health care services to the student population. All students enrolled at Ohio state are eligible to use the health service, regardless of health insurance coverage.

Gender-Affirming Care at Wexner Medical Center

Health Insurance Coverage

Student Health Insurance

The Student Life Student Health Insurance (SHI) Benefit Plan covers many services for transition-related care, including counseling, hormone therapy, and certain surgical procedures. Open the document “Trans Health Care Services with Student Health Insurance” on this page to learn more.

If you would like to speak to a SHI staff member who specializes in information to support students seeking transgender services, please contact SHI at 614-688-7979 or and specify your needs – your inquiry will be directed to the appropriate staff member.

Staff and Faculty Health Insurance

University-sponsored medical plans provide comprehensive coverage and wellness benefits, including many services for transition-related care. The following health plan benefits are available to enrolled faculty and staff experiencing the distress and impairment of Gender Dysphoria:

  • Mental health coverage

  • Pharmaceutical coverage (e.g., for hormone replacement therapy)

  • Coverage for medical visits or laboratory services

  • Coverage for certain reconstructive surgical procedures related to gender reassignment

  • Coverage of routine, chronic, or urgent non-transition services (e.g., for a transgender individual based on anatomy. For example, gynecological exams for trans men).

Open the document “Trans Health Care Coverage - Faculty and Staff” on this page to learn more.

Understanding Health Insurance

Finding Affirming Care

  • The Rainbow Clinic is a student-run specialty clinic through the Columbus Free Clinic that occurs every two months! Services include gynecology, urology, STI and HIV testing, and primary care, all free of charge with no insurance required. We also have a free in-house pharmacy and lab.
  • Wexner Medical Center operates a Transgender Primary Care Clinic at two locations.

  • TransOhio has a list of Ohio Trans Inclusive Providers as a tool to search for trans-affirming doctors, therapists, and pharmacies. 

Cancer Screening and Care

The National LGBT Cancer Network identifies providers with a commitment to offering safe, affordable, welcoming care to all LGBT people.

Additional Resources

Coming Out to Medical Professionals
Know your Patient Rights 

Resources for LGBTQ+ Patients from the Human Rights Campaign, including:

Identity-Specific Resources