Personal pronouns are used to refer to a person when you are talking about them in the third person. Much like our names, pronouns are tied to our sense of identity. Pronouns indicate how the outside world should recognize and address us. Being referred to with the wrong pronouns can be detrimental to one's sense of well-being, especially for those who are transgender and gender-nonconforming. To foster a culture of respect where everyone's pronouns are honored, Ohio State offers the option to display one's pronouns across a variety of programs.


On Canvas, instructors and students can designate their personal pronouns, giving them the ability to share with others how they should be addressed. Instructors and students can choose from a variety of inclusive options, or they can opt to leave the field blank. Anyone who takes advantage of this feature will see their selected pronouns alongside their name throughout Canvas, in all their courses. Log onto CarmenCanvas and go to your Account Settings to set your pronouns.


You can now add pronouns to your display name and make them visible across all your meetings, if desired. To set up your pronouns, log in at and navigate to your profile. Select the Edit button near your name and enter your pronouns in the appropriate field. You can also select when to display your pronouns (always, never, ask when joining a meeting, etc.). Pronouns will appear next to your display name during a Zoom meeting if you select to show them. (Note: In order to use this feature, you must be using Zoom version 5.7.0 or newer, and you must be logged in to your CarmenZoom account.)


Ohio State employees can set their preferred pronouns on Workday under Personal Information. To set your pronouns, first go to your Profile, which can be accessed by clicking the cloud icon at the top right of the Workday home page and selecting “View Profile”. In your Profile, there is a sidebar menu, click “Personal” (note: you may have to click “More” before you can see the “Personal” option). Under “Personal Information”, click the “Edit” button, and you can select or change your pronouns.

Email Signature and Business Cards

Ohio State encourages students, faculty, and staff to include their pronouns on their university email signature and business cards. A template is available to build your personal signature using the official university format.

Resources is a practical resource dedicated to the empowering and inclusive use of personal pronouns in the English language. This website will help you understand why and how to use the pronouns someone goes by.