Programs and Courses

The Ohio State University offers many opportunities to study LGBTQ experiences through majors, minors, and specializations, as well as individual courses, spanning a variety of areas of study.

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

WGSS is an interdisciplinary field of research and teaching that places gender and its intersection with sexuality, as well as class, race, ethnicity, nationality, dis/ability, and age at the center of inquiry. It raises many questions about gender and sexuality as socially and culturally constructed phenomena that affect our personal lives, artistic expression, social relationships, and the ways we think about ourselves and the world.

LGBTQ+ Studies Minor

The LGBTQ+ Studies Minor offers perspectives for students interested in examining the broad array of how people embody and express gender and sexuality. The minor also explores the ways that gender and sexual identities are always formed and experienced through meanings of race, ethnicity, and colonialism.

Courses on LGBTQ Topics and Sexuality

Course availability may vary by semester. Use the Class Search tool for further course info and to check course availability.

African American and African Studies

AFAMAST 4921: Intersections - Approaches to Race, Gender, Class & Sexuality

Arts Administration, Education and Policy

ARTEDUC 5835: Visual Representations of LGBT Subjects


CLAS 3215: Sex and Gender in the Ancient World

Comparative Studies

COMPSTD 2214: Introduction to Sexuality Studies

COMPSTD 4845: Gender, Sexuality, and Science

COMPSTDS 4921: Intersections - Approaches to Race, Gender, Class & Sexuality

Education: Teaching and Learning

EDUTL 4015: Sexualities and Education

EDUTL 5330: LGBTQ-themed Literature for Children and Young Adults

Educational Studies: Educational Policy

ESEPOL 8895: Race, Gender, Sexuality and Educational Policy


ENGLISH 2282: Introduction to Queer Studies

ENGLISH 4580: Special Topics in LGBTQ Literatures and Cultures


HISTORY 2630: History of Modern Sexualities

HISTORY 3214: Women, Gender, and Sexuality in the History of Christianity

HISTORY 3215: Sex and Gender in the Ancient World

HISTORY 3411: Gender and Sexuality in China

HISTORY 3620: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History in the United States, 1940-Present

HISTORY 3630: Same-Sex Sexuality in a Global Context

HISTORY 8630: Seminar in the History of Sexuality

History of Art

HISTART 3010: Gender and Sexuality in Western Art

Human Development and Family Science

HDFS 3440: Human Sexuality and Intersectionality Across the Lifespan

HDFS 5440: Human Sexuality in Context


KNSISM 5614: Sport and Sexuality


LAW 7610: Sex, Sexuality & the Law

Medicine, College of

MEDCOLL 4126: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Health


PSYCH 2333: Psychology of Human Sexuality

PSYCH 4555: Adolescent Sexuality

Religious Studies

RELSTDS 4875: Gender, Sexuality, and Religion


SLAVIC 3320: Queer Comrades: Sexual Citizenship and LGBTQ Lives in Eastern Europe

Social Work

SOCWORK 1140: Issues in Social Justice: Race, Gender and Sexuality

SOCWORK 3597: Adolescent Parenthood and Sexuality: An International Perspective

SOCWORK 5002: AIDS Survey - Facts & Issues

SOCWORK 5006: Sexualities, Diversity & Social Work

SOCWORK 5016: Affirmative Social Work Practice with LGBTQ Individuals, Couples, and Families


SOCIOLOGY 5605: Sociology of Sexuality

Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

WGSST 1110: Gender, Sex and Power

WGSST 2230: Gender, Sexuality and Race in Popular Culture

WGSST 2260: Queer Ecologies: Gender, Sexuality, & the Environment

WGSST 2282: Introduction to Queer Studies

WGSST 2305: A World of Genders & Sexualities

WGSST 2367.03: Reading Lesbian Writers

WGSST 3100: Islamic Activisms: Gender, Sexuality & Politics

WGSST 3280: Introduction to Trans Studies

WGSST 3370: Sexualities and Citizenship

WGSST 4405: Race and Sexuality

WGSST 4845: Gender, Sexuality and Science

WGSST 4921: Intersections - Approaches to Race, Gender, Class & Sexuality