Updating Legal Name and Legal Sex

We recognize that for many trans and gender non-conforming individuals, changing their name and/or legal sex/gender marker is an important step on the journey toward authenticity. The information available here can help you navigate this process.

Check out our page on Changing Legal Name and Legal Sex for information on the processes associated with legally changing names and sex/gender markers in the State of Ohio and federally.

Check out our page on Updating Legal Name and Legal Sex with Ohio State for information on reporting a legal name change and/or legal sex change to Ohio State in order to update your records. 

What is Legal Sex?

For reporting required by federal and state governmental agencies, legal sex is defined as the sex indicated on government documents (e.g., state photo identification). Legal sex may differ from sex assigned at birth, gender identity and/or gender expression.

How Data is Used

The university is required to collect Legal Sex Designation data in certain systems and business processes, including student and employee official records that are reported to federal and state governmental agencies (e.g., the federal Departments of Education and Labor). The university makes every effort to limit reporting of either legal sex designation to instances where such data is required by law, and primarily uses this information in aggregate to make informed, data-driven decisions related to strategic resources and student and employee support. In addition, regulations require the university to ask employees to self-disclose this information on legal sex at the time of application and the time of hire, and if not disclosed voluntarily during onboarding the university is required by law to make this designation.