Supporting the LGBTQ+ community requires a deep and continuous commitment to self-education and active allyship. The Ohio State University believes it is everybody’s responsibility to foster a safe, inclusive environment on campus, and we offer a variety of resources to help students, faculty and staff take an active role in building LGBTQ-inclusive environments.

The Office of Student Life Multicultural Center

The Student Life Multicultural Center (MCC) offers workshops that are available to members of the Ohio State community seeking to build inclusive environments. Topics include:

Active Allyship

An active ally is a member of the “dominant” or “majority” group who supports communities to which they do not personally belong by interrupting injustice, questioning dominant ideologies and using their privilege to advocate on behalf of oppressed populations.

Adapted from the University of Colorado Boulder’s “Building Cultural Dexterity: Towards Active Allyship,” the following are effective ways to become an active ally:

  • Awareness: Maintain a critical consciousness of the world around you, including dominant language, behavior and thought processes. Critically examine your own privilege.
  • Analysis: Understand the world around you and think critically about it. Develop your capacity to determine what action is required in a given situation.
  • Self-Education: Educate yourself about the histories and experiences of target groups within the context of our society and how its laws, policies and practices may adversely affect or be used to disadvantage these groups
  • Interrupting Behavior: Interrupt oppressive behaviors, including prejudiced remarks and actions, by communicating your knowledge and analyses of situations to raise awareness.
  • Taking Action: Effective action comes from the recognition that only through active participation in movements for social change can we liberate ourselves from cycles of oppression. Critically examine oppressive behaviors, decide what needs to be done and ensure that the appropriate action is taken.

Additional Resources

The following resources for the LGBTQ+ community and its allies seeking education and training are available online:

LGBTQ+ Definitions and Allyship

For Faculty: Creating LGBTQ-Inclusive Classrooms